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Local Tree Services In Northwest Florida

New Leaf Arboriculture offers the highest quality of Local Tree Services in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding cities. We specialize in a wide variety of services including planning, planting, pruning, winterizing, assessments, diagnosis of disease and treatment plus so much more. With everything growing through Springtime, presently is the perfect time to plan for your year round tree care.

Services You Can Use

Whether you are purchasing or selling a residence, outlining your tree care is essential. Our certified arborists will assist you in planning tree placement and advising which trees will work best for your property. We offer appraisals on existing trees.  Some trees raise the value of your home or business by thousands of dollars. If you require emergency tree removal, we are here for you in your times of need. We follow ASNI standards in every job we do. There are many federal, state, county and city regulations concerning trees, so it is essential that you have a certified arborist handle your tree care essentials.


Tree position matters a lot when contemplating energy efficiency, shade, and protection. Our tree care experts will help you plan your new tree project so you can get the most out of your investment. We can guide you with placing around a building and where the best position to get the optimal shade to help cool your home in the scorching summer heat.


If you are not sure what kind of trees to plant, we can make some recommendations for the best species to plant for your soil and property type including which trees have the most exceptional property value. We can also help you avoid safety risks like planting too close to power lines, driveways, and buildings. Our expertise ensures your trees are the best fit for your home or business.

Inspections, Diagnosis & Treatment

There is a reason arborists are known as tree doctors: arborists diagnosis and treat tree diseases. Routine inspections are needed to keep your tree in its best condition and essential for the early discovery of the disease. With most contaminations and illnesses, your trees will show visible signs like wounds or cavities. Sometimes your leaves and branches will show warnings as well. We suggest a remedy for disorders when treatable. The recurrence of the treatment depends on the diagnosis. If the condition of the tree has gone too far, we will remove safely and adequately.

Seasonal Care & Pruning

Your trees need different types of care throughout the year. There are special times of year that are ideal for trimming and pruning. Some trees like Palms require winterization. Trees need attention during months where bugs are plentiful, and diseases are more likely. Year-round care will keep your trees robust, healthy and growing to their fullest potential.

Tree Removal

Regrettably, there are times when removing trees are necessary. Sometimes this is a result of disease and other times from an emergency like a hurricane. Trees can end up on structures and cause immediate assistance. Emergency tree services are vital when a tree is blocking your home, an entryway, driveway, near a dangerous power line or on top of your house or car. ANSI standards are necessary when removing and disposing of tree

Schedule Your Local Tree Services

Trees add so much to our environment, and they deserve the most excellent care. We admire everything about trees and take our duties very seriously. Our dedication to safety and abiding by regulations make us the best in what we do. Every customer is valuable to us, and your trees are in good hands. Contact Us to schedule Local Tree Services with a certified and widely trained arborist. Please tag your tree pics to New Leaf on Instagram.

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