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Do You Need A Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeons are vital to your trees optimal health. Just like people, they need preventative care and routine inspections. They sometimes require diagnosis and treatment. Pruning is a big job and if you want your tree to continue growing to its best ability you will need to have a specialist do this job. Tree Surgeons climb to great heights to provide your trees the care they need and deserve. Safety is our number one concern. We really are the tree doctors.

Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome

We also call this Limb Failure. This can occur on really hot days in the summertime when the tree has exposure to high temperatures for longer periods. If you find limbs in your yard without storms or high winds, this may be a sign of the syndrome. This usually affects older more mature trees. Oaks and Elms are some trees affected by this and some of the heavier limbs will suddenly fall. This can pose a real threat to safety. The true reason for Sudden Branch drop is unknown. Some believe it is due to bacteria and some think its cause is moisture.

There is no way to prevent Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome, however, it is possible to prune the tree properly to make it as safe as possible. To prevent the danger of a heavy falling limb, limbs are cut shorter. Poorly pruned trees will add stress to the limbs and can cause them to become weak. Only a tree surgeon will be able to determine if your trees are susceptible to this type of damage.

Schedule An Evaluation With Our Tree Surgeon

This is just one example of issues your tree may have. In our upcoming blogs we will discuss more of these. It is a good idea to have your trees properly cared for by a tree surgeon that can inspect for vulnerabilities routinely and prune when necessary. If you would like to learn more about different symptoms and diseases that can occur in your trees and how we treat and care for them, please subscribe to our future blogs. Contact Us to schedule a tree evaluation.

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