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    Tree Service Fort Walton Beach, FL

    Sandy soil, muggy weather, and salt air means tending to plants can be a challenge. Without the right local tree service, Fort Walton Beach, FL, homeowners spend more.

    Unfortunately, you can’t always see which contractor is the best choice. When they aren’t upfront about pricing or their service options, it means you need a better contractor.

    New Leaf Arboriculture provides affordable tree service in Fort Walton Beach with expert arborists. No matter what your plants need most, you can count on us for it all:

    • Professional Advice
    • Planting Tips and Services
    • Weekly Care Schedule
    • Tree Cutting and Hauling
    • Plant Trimming Services
    • Knowledgeable Contractors
    • Local Technicians
    • And more

    If your plants only receive timed watering from sprinklers, they aren’t getting enough care. Give your trees the best with our local expert arborists today.

    Tree Service Fort Walton Beach, FL, Near Me

    Not all tree service companies are made equal, and your plants deserve the best. Choosing our local contractors means in-depth care and maintenance each time.

    From scheduled services to one-time calls, we can manage any requests you have. Even if you don’t know the cause of your concerns, we can help.

    Hire us now and give your home improved curb appeal with healthier trees. Our team manages everything your yard needs for better growing conditions, including:

    • Tree Care Consulting
    • New Tree Planting
    • Tree Care Arborist Services
    • Tree Removal
    • Tree Pruning
    • Free In-Person Estimates
    • And more tree care solutions

    When you need a dependable team of contractors, you need ours today. Hire us for all your tree care services and more, all at affordable pricing.

    Tree Care Consulting

    Are you giving your trees too much water or not enough? Is the soil at the right acidity level for these specific species?

    Without a trained arborist on your side, you can’t answer these questions. Give your plants the best care possible by hiring us.

    New Tree Planting

    Planting a new tree sapling is rarely as simple as it looks at first. Not only must you dig far enough down, but ensure no hazards exist.

    Underground power lines, sewer pipes, cable and internet, and more, all are buried. When you need to mitigate risks above and below the dirt, call us first.

    Tree Care Arborist Services

    An arborist is someone who specializes in all things tree care. From detecting diseases to improved growing suggestions, we offer it all.

    Hiring us is like giving your trees a dedicated doctor week after week. For healthier, lusher plants that your lawn deserves, choose us today.

    Tree Removal

    While no one wants to see a tree taken down, sometimes, it’s the only option. When plants become sick or injured, they become unpredictable in the end.

    Some trees weigh thousands of pounds, making them dangerous during uprooting. Before your plants cause tons of damage, call us for tree removal services.

    Tree Pruning

    Proper tree pruning is still one of the best ways to maintain your plants. Unfortunately, snipping off the wrong items can make it become sickly.

    From damaged terminal shoots to too much removed at once, it’s a dangerous process. Make sure your plants have a trained professional for tree pruning services.

    Why Choose Us for Tree Service in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

    Tending to trees is not something that everyone knows how to do. When you hire landscapers for tree care services, it doesn’t give them enough.

    Landscaping professionals are ideal for smaller plants and turf grasses. They don’t, however, have the expertise we do as arborist contractors.

    Hire New Leaf Arboriculture for tree care services today.