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Consultation With An Arborist

Trees command and impact your outdoor spaces more than any other part of the landscape. You have trees primarily for shade and to hold your hammock or swing. When properly cared for, you will enjoy their benefits for many years. They can also give you more efficiency on your electric bill. There are some dangers you can plan for as well, such as storms and damaging winds. Consulting with an Arborist is the best way to ensure proper management of the trees that command your landscape. Let's go over some practical things you may consider when consulting with your Arborist.


Pines, Palms, Magnolias and Maple Trees don't just look nice and produce oxygen; they're a big part of your property and landscape. Here are a few things to consider when planning for your trees. Directing the tree's shade by using controlled growth techniques is an option for new and existing trees. Over time, the usefulness and impact on your outdoor environment by each tree can be managed through planned growth. A tree is like any other living organism and requires inspections, pruning, trimming and other services throughout the year. There are many factors that can affect the health of your trees.


When planning the tree placement on your property, the amount of shade is usually your first consideration. Where that shade comes to rest throughout the year can make a big difference to the comfort of your home and your utility bills. Placement is important because some trees thrive in a warm and humid climate and some like cooler, more dry areas so careful considerations are necessary. A tree that shades your home in the winter and leaves your home exposed in the summer is not ideal. You can take stock of the spaces on your property to see opportunities for planning your trees.


The health of your trees requires routine inspection and management so you can enjoy their beauty and shade for many years. Trees can also become hazards if they become compromised by disease, pests or other factors. Some instances may be manageable, while others may require partial or complete removal of the tree. Regular inspections by an Arborist can help determine the health of your trees and your Arborist will advise you of the best ways to maintain your tree's health. There are many factors that can affect the health of your tree including lack or too much water, worms, wood boring beetles, among other things. A combination of planning and long-term management will have an impact on the viability of newly planted trees and their growth potential. It is important that the health of high-maintenance trees be sustained over time.


Planting a tree is exciting but is also a commitment that will impact your property in many ways, for years to come. It can also increase your property's value. You want to make the most of an investment on your tree development, so there are some things you may consider.


Planting certain types of trees among other plants may leave you fighting an uphill battle. Bushes may not grow well around trees because their roots can become strangulated with the roots of the tree while flowers may flourish around the base of a tree. Some plants are greedy for resources, starving its neighbors. Consulting with an Arborist ensures your tree planning results in a harmonious landscape with other trees, your bushes, and flowerbeds.


Each plant requires a certain amount of irrigation, and with proper planning can be managed with ease and little effort. However, you will want to consider the irrigation needs of neighboring plants and trees. For example, new Palms near a Yucca may not be ideal because new palms require more water. Furthermore, the palm will need less water once it's established, changing irrigation requirements. This is another example of how planning can affect your tree's growth and health.


The root system of a tree can take up a lot of space. Existing pipes, wires, and septic systems are all obstacles for tree roots and can potentially cause damage. Trees too close to structures and grow into strong healthy trees become big strong healthy trees that push in on your siding, fascia, soffit, and even your roof. Planning for future growth is essential when deciding on the species and placement of new trees. If your trees have become overgrown, it is time to call your Arborist to avoid any damage to your home and property.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Trees have different costs associated with long-term care. Some trees need more trimming than others. There may be a difference in irrigation needs. You may want to remove trees or transplant them to another area. You can discuss these costs with a knowledgeable Arborist. During a consultation you can learn more about planning, planting, transplanting, maintaining and removal of trees.

Schedule A Consultation With An Arborist

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