summer tree care

Three Summer Tree Care Tips You Should Know About

Ensure your trees are healthy by scheduling services and tree removal in Crestview from New Leaf Arboriculture. Our summer tree care experts tend to seedlings, young trees, and trees that are over 100 years old. We can keep all kinds of trees free from fungal and insect infestations, so you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about fencing, soil moisture levels, or checking for signs of girdling and termites. Trees provide shade and fresh […]

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tree growing zones

What Are Tree Growing Zones?

Tree planting can be challenging if you are unsure whether your plants will grow successfully. That’s why it’s wise to understand the United States Department of Agriculture’s tree growing zones. The USDA provides hardiness zone maps that show the annual minimum winter temperatures averaged over specified years. With this knowledge, you can have an easy time choosing and planting tree species that do well in your zone. However, if unsure how to choose suitable plants, […]

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can you cut tree roots

Can You Cut Tree Roots: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering landscape renovation for your residential or commercial property, you might be thinking, “can you cut tree roots?” Many people may not realize this, but you can. Of course, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start hacking away at the roots of your favorite tree. If the roots of a tree on your property are causing problems, including being too close to your house or damaging your […]

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best time to water trees

When Is the Best Time to Water Trees?

Taking care of trees is more complex than casually watering them every few days. One of the most significant issues first-time planters face is confusion about the best time to water trees. There is no definitive timeline for when and how often you should water your trees. However, a few factors can give you a sense of whether or not they are ready for watering, including age, time of day, and tree species.  It’s challenging […]

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tree trimming

5 Signs You Need To Hire a Tree Trimming Service

As someone who cares about their yard and keeps it nice, neat, and pretty, you know that trees can be a powerful ally. You also know that trees can also be a burden. Sometimes, the trees in your yard just need to be trimmed and all will be solved. What you need to know is when to trim your trees. Here are 5 signs that you need to hire a tree trimming service. 1. Fallen […]

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tree planting mistakes

5 Common Tree Planting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you looking to plant a tree in your yard? With cities in the United States losing 36 million trees a year, planting a tree becomes more urgent than ever. Tree planting looks simple, but several factors affect the success of your efforts. Tree planting mistakes can also prevent them from flourishing. Look no further than our guide to correct your tree planing efforts. Read on and learn five common tree planting errors and how to avoid them. 1. Selecting […]

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choosing tree removal services

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tree Removal Services

If you find yourself out on a limb trying to figure out how to remove a tree from your property, don’t take on the task alone. Tree removal is a dangerous activity that can lead to costly mistakes if it’s done incorrectly.  If you want a tree removed, it’s best to call a professional. In this article, we discuss five important factors when it comes to choosing tree removal services. 1. Proper Insurance and Qualifications When shopping around for […]

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Bark Beetle Treatments For Trees

Bark Beetle Treatments For Trees

The Bark Beetle can infect a tree and destroy it in as quickly as a month. Bark Beetle Treatments must be done as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of survival. Vital routine inspections need to be complete on trees throughout the year so that treatment will eradicate the pests at the first signs of infestation. The Bark Beetles reproduce in the inner bark of the tree. In forest settings, the bark beetle can […]

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Local Fall Tree Services In Northwest Florida Featured Image

Fall Tree Services From New Leaf Arboriculture

The Fall Season is here, and the weather is getting colder. In our most recent blogs, we have been talking about our Fall Tree Services. We offer expert planting, pruning, crowning, removal, and much more. In this blog, we want to talk about the changes trees go through when entering their dormant period. You can observe some of the changes your trees go through during this period.  Much like hibernating animals, trees go through a […]

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New Leaf Arboriculture - Seasonal Tree Care Services 01

Seasonal Tree Care Services In Northwest Florida

As Summer draws to an end, we want to start preparing your trees for the colder weather. Our Seasonal Tree Care Services offer you peace of mind as the weather shifts, and we transition into a dormant time of year. As we move into the colder months, it is best to prepare your trees for any extreme weather that may occur. Our Certified and Specially Trained Arborist, Travis, will help you get your trees ready […]

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