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Why It’s Not A Good Idea to DIY Tree Removal

You probably think doing your own tree removal is a good way to save money. However, you should realize that DIY tree removal can be dangerous.

This article explores why you should not try to remove trees yourself. Instead, invest in a skilled tree removal service in Crestview, FL by New Leaf Arboriculture

Lack of Proper Equipment

Trying to remove a tree without proper tools or safety equipment can leave you with more problems. You could cause damage to your home or neighboring property, injuries, or even death. When removing a tree, you will probably need to access a tree at a fair height from the ground. 

DIY tree removal without a crane and property safety harness can easily lead to a fatal accident. Additionally, tree limbs and branches might appear lighter than they are, and a miscalculation could lead to injuries. A professional tree remover will have all the necessary equipment to ensure safe and efficient tree removal.

Decaying Wood

Internal decay makes a dying or dead tree unstable. If you suspect your tree is beginning to decay, don’t wait to call a professional tree removal service. Otherwise, your tree may fall without warning. 

Removing a decaying tree by yourself is not advisable. Tree removal requires a deep understanding of tree biology and physics. Therefore, you should leave the job to a professional arborist to ensure your safety. 

Risk of Miscalculations

To the untrained eye, various degrees of decay and sickness in trees can be challenging to recognize. Trained and experienced tree removal professionals understand how to recognize the finest details about tree health. As a result, they know when to cut a tree to minimize safety risks. 

Decaying trees often shed whole branches, wood, or splinter during removal. This unpredictable debris can lead to potentially fatal accidents. Furthermore, without consulting a professional, you may remove a perfectly healthy tree that only needs trimming.

Electrical Hazard

If the tree you want to remove is near a power line, do not even think of touching it. Otherwise, it can lead to a devastating disaster and even loss of life.

The tree or its branch may fall on the power line, resulting in an outage that can affect the entire neighborhood. Additionally, power lines can electrocute you or your loved one. Electrocution can cause instant death. 

Damage to Property

The leading disadvantage of DIY tree removal is property damage. If a tree destroys your home or other property when removing it yourself, the chances are that your insurance provider will not cover it. You may also have problems with your neighbors if debris and other unwanted materials land on their property. 

Now you know why DIY tree removal is not a good idea. You should always call a professional to remove a dead tree, tree trunk, or tree stump.

If you want to remove a tree or know what to do with a leaning tree, contact New Leaf Arboriculture. Call us today at (850) 603-1411 for a free estimate. 

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