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Is It Possible to Correct a Leaning Tree?

Most trees tend to grow straight and tall on their own. However, certain factors can cause a tree to lean.

Leaning trees can happen for various reasons, ranging from the roots, soil, or weather. So, is it possible to correct a leaning tree?

The answer is yes. While it does take some hard work, you can correct a leaning tree.

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What Causes a Tree to Lean?

While most trees grow straight up, it is not uncommon for young trees to lean. Young trees most frequently lean because their root system has not yet fully extended into the ground. As a result, strong winds and other forceful weather patterns can cause a tree to lean.

In addition, excess rain can saturate the soil, causing the tree trunk to slant. Creating a proper drainage system around the tree may prevent the tree from leaning.

Another issue could be that the soil surrounding the tree is too loose and not providing enough support. Without the support from sturdy soil, the tree is more likely to lean.

Furthermore, if a tree leans, it may not have been planted properly. A tree planted in loose soil or too shallow of a hole can cause it to bend.

The season during which someone plants a tree can also affect if it leans or not. For instance, trees planted in the summer have heavy leaves that the roots cannot support. Therefore, it is best to plant new trees during the spring before they grow their leaves.

How to Correct a Leaning Tree

If you notice a leaning tree in your hard, take the following steps to correct it:

First, you will need to hammer wooden or metal stakes at a 45-degree angle around the root ball’s perimeter, about 18 inches deep. Typically, two or three stakes will suffice, but larger trees may require more. You should also remember to remove these stakes once the roots become established.

Next, you will need to pull the tree upright. To facilitate this step, you can wet the soil, which will aid in straightening the tree. Specifically, watering the ground will allow you to apply even pressure on the trunk.

Finally, you will want to secure the stakes to the tree using straps, supporting wires, and rope.

Most importantly, you will need to give the tree time to anchor itself. It typically takes a year for the tree roots to establish themselves in the soil.

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