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Root Fertilization for Trees: Is it Necessary?

Root fertilization for trees provides numerous benefits that often contribute to their well-being and strength. Additionally, root fertilization can help sick or dying trees by restoring their health. In this post, we go over signs your tree may need root fertilization and its various advantages. 

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What Is Deep Root Fertilization? 

Deep fertilization for trees supplies essential nutrients directly to the roots. Experts inject the soil surrounding your tree with organic matter, using high-pressure equipment for maximum nutrient absorption. Deep fertilization provides better results than surface fertilization because it penetrates deep into the soil to nourish the tree roots. 

Root fertilization is best done early in the fall, although it is also popular in spring and summer. Fall is the perfect time for the feeder roots to absorb nutrients because the temperature is ideal, allowing them to absorb the most nutrients before winter. 

Signs Your Trees Need Root Fertilization 

Your trees could need fertilizer for numerous reasons. For example, liquid fertilizer is an effective method arborists use for trees or shrubs that are not in their natural environment.

When you transplant a tree, the soil in the new location may not provide the necessary nutrients to support tree growth. Root fertilization gives the tree the proper nutrients and the best chance of survival. 

Other common indicators your trees need root fertilization include the following: 

  • Light green, brown, or yellowing leaves (outside of traditional fall patterns)
  • Reduced foliage 
  • Minimal or slow growth 
  • The tree canopy begins to die or drop 
  • Smaller leaves 
  • Dying or thinning branches 

Benefits of Root Fertilization 

Root fertilization is a simple and affordable way to bring life back to your trees. Some of the advantages of root fertilization for trees include: 

  • Decreased chances of fertilizer runoff 
  • Loosened soil, reducing the risk of soil compaction 
  • Improved soil aeration for the best growth 
  • Decreased chances of yellowing leaves 
  • Enhanced look of your trees and property 
  • More healthy and colorful leaves 
  • Help stop weather damage from sunburn or frost 
  • Boosted development of new plant shoots 

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