About NLA

New Leaf Arboriculture is owned and operated by Travis Morales. Travis is an ISA Certified Arborist FL-6263A and Instructor with North American Training Solutions. He travels the country teaching numerous training courses throughout the year and is a sponsored pro with many of the leading work at height equipment manufacturers and distributors.

What separates New Leaf Arboriculture is the fact that working with Tree Care providers in our market, you go through a chain of events. First, you reach out to a business that can assist you with your needs, then you meet with a sales rep, followed by a crew showing up to do the work. There is usually a disconnect in communication from the owner to the crew to the salesman.

This leads to an interesting reoccurring scenario. The sales rep must sell work in order to maintain job security, which can lead to your individual trees being treated on a broad scale spectrum. The New Leaf Arboricultural Firm is in the business of "caring" for trees on an individual basis, not selling a product. We will also make cost-effective scientifically proven suggestions to meet your trees individual needs. Just as no two living organisms are alike, no two trees are the same and require individual care.

Owner Travis Morales is also sponsored by many of the leading manufacturing companies and works with his sponsors developing innovative solutions for rope, rigging, climbing, and safe work practices. New Leaf is not a "Tree Service", we are a contract Arboricultural Firm, we work worldwide with businesses and consumers.

Travis is an instructor with the leading training organization in the world and works with leading arborists around the globe. Based in NW Florida, Travis strives to bring the global standard for tree care to the individual consumer where he and his family lives.

As a professional Instructor and Arborist, Travis Morales spends over 150 days a year away from his family teaching and working in trees. After leaving the US Army and taking up a profession in tree care he found his passion for trees and tree people. Travis lives by a serve, share, and support lifestyle. He is passionate about serving clients and students, sharing scientific and personal knowledge, and supporting consumers in making the best decisions for their Arboricultural needs.

After Serving in the US Army, I got involved with tree care on total accident. A friend was working with a tree care service and asked for assistance. After working with the business for a few months I quickly learned two things. First I really enjoyed the work, and second, there had to be a better way to do the work than how it was being done. So I have since dedicated my life to learning, sharing, and advancing the professional Arboricultural industry.