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Five Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service Contractor In The Google Guarantee Program

If you’re searching for a trusted tree service contractor in your area, you may have come across the Google Guarantee program. If so, you probably have a few questions. 

At New Leaf Aboriculture, we value our presence within our community. We’re Destin’s expert tree service contractors, and we make tree services for residential and commercial properties accessible and stress-free. 

In this blog, we cover everything potential customers need to know, from what being Google Guaranteed means to the top five benefits of hiring a tree service in the program. 

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What Is Google Guarantee? 

Google Guaranteed is a system of checks and verifications employed by Google to ensure the quality of the businesses listed through Google My Business. Companies that pass the Google screening process get the Google Guaranteed Badge, which appears as a green and white check mark. This helps customers find businesses through search engine results. 

Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service In The Google Guarantee Program 

Now that you know what the Google Guarantee is, you may want to know why you should care. If you need to hire a tree service for your property, choosing a Google Guaranteed business can help increase your chances of finding ideal services. 

#1: Backed By The Google Name

Google puts businesses in the Google Guaranteed program through a thorough verification process. Businesses that skimp on customer service or receive consistent negative feedback won’t make the cut, meaning you can trust the company you hire. 

#2: Better Businesses Stand Out

While only quality businesses make it into the Google Guaranteed program, only the best of the best rise to the top. When you choose Google Guaranteed business from the top of the list, you know you’re getting excellent customer service, dependable products and services, and affordable prices. 

#3: Potential Client Refund Assistance

As part of the Google Guaranteed program, Google may cover all or a portion of refunds furnished to customers through a Google Guaranteed business. This means you can rest easy knowing your purchases are protected in the event you are dissatisfied with your service.  

Some restrictions or terms may apply. Be sure to consult the Google Guaranteed business refund policy to learn more about how this program can benefit you. 

Work With New Leaf Arboriculture In Destin, FL

Businesses work hard to build solid customer relationships and provide quality services and goods. Google honors their success by recognizing them with the Google Guarantee badge. 

By hiring a tree care service in the Google Guaranteed program, you can rest easy knowing the company you choose has been thoroughly vetted and backed by Google. Your purchases are covered in the event of problems or disruptions in your service, and you help contribute to a business’s Google Guaranteed ranking as a reviewing customer. 

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