Tree Services


We provide consulting over the range of our services to help you plan and care for your entire landscape. Whether you require diagnostic service to monitoring for disease, help planning the growth and long-term care for your trees, or want to know what to expect when considering planting, consulting with an arborist is the best way to start.


Planting a tree may seem like a simple thing. However, trees can grow in unexpected ways and have unforeseen consequences when you don't plan properly. Improperly planted trees can cause damage to structures years after planting, or may not even sustain it's first full year. For this reason, it is always a good idea to leave it to a trained tree professional.


When it comes to caring for your tree, trust only a trained and experienced Arborist. From trimming and general care to disease detection and seasonal preparedness, scheduling regular checkups with an Arborist is always a good idea when it comes to keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.


Don't smash the edge of your roof, crush your car or tear the siding of your house to save a few dollars. Tree removal can be a lot of work and go very wrong without the proper tools and experience to do the job right. Call New Leaf Arboriculture for any and all tree removal projects to ensure the job is done right, the first time.