Tree Removal

There are many instances when tree removal is necessary such as after a bad storm. Tree removal involves a lot more than you might think. There are some things to consider when planning the proper removal of trees or several trees. First and foremost is safety. It is imperative that you have trees removed by a professional to prevent personal injury or damage to property and structures.

Aside from the potential hazards or attempting tree removal on your own, we have some suggested considerations we think are important when planning removal. These considerations can save you time, money, and headaches.

When Tree Removal Is Necessary

When considering whether or not to remove a tree, there are some factors that you should definitely consider. If a tree is diseased or dying, it is definitely time to consider removal. Skeletons of trees in the forest may be interesting to look at but should never be a part of your landscape. Dead trees can lead to branches and debris falling away that can injure people or damage property and structures.

Conversely, a tree that looks dead or is diseased may just need a little care and maintenance to return to its full glory, health, and potential. The only way to be certain is to schedule a consultation with a qualified Arborist. There is plenty of reason to keep a healthy tree on your property so don't jump to conclusions and chop it down without first consulting a professional.

Tree Removal & Safety

Tree limbs and entire trees are extremely heavy and when cut away can present unpredicted injury or destruction to private property. This can lead to expensive repair costs to your vehicle, home, or other structures on your property. Your insurance may or may not cover the damage from such activities so don't start cutting under any assumptions.

Personal injury is another undesirable risk when cutting or removing trees from your property. We don't need to spell out the potential consequences of disregarding this warning as we are certain you can imagine this for yourself. Please do not attempt tree removal on your own.

Qualified Arborists and Tree Services are equipped with the proper safety equipment and trained in proper safety procedures to minimize risks to themselves, ground personnel, bystanders and personal property. This is a very important point to keep in mind when planning a tree removal project or undertaking.

Proper Tree Removal Matters

Improper removal of trees can do more than making your landscape an eyesore. Simply cutting down a tree and leaving its base or roots in the ground can and will cause underground erosion as the stump decays and rots away. By the time you discover this for yourself, you could find that there is drastic damage to the foundation of your home or other potential safety hazards when discovered by a person or pet falling into it.

Hiring a trained and certified Arborist ensures that once a tree has been removed, all steps will be taken to prevent any side effects. This will help prevent adverse impacts to the property and landscape. Sometimes heavy equipment may be required to perform proper tree removal. Decisions about equipment and machinery should be made by professional Arborists and Tree Services, like New Leaf Arboriculture.

Tree Removal & Proper Disposal

There are a number of ways to dispose of trees once they have been removed. Laws and regulations vary by city, county, and state. Not knowing what these laws and regulations are will not spare you from fines or citations. We will include information about disposal and any costs associated with disposal in our quote. Remember to ask about this aspect when you contact us for a consultation.

Plan Your Tree Removal With Our Arborists

We encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation when you are planning or considering tree removal projects. The cost to your budget and risk to people and property is too costly not to. We have the training, expertise, and years of experience to be your choice for tree removal service. Even if you aren't certain whether or you want to actually remove the tree or trees in question, talking with us can help you determine the best course of action for your particular situation and concerns.

Contact Us to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience where we can discuss your particular needs and concerns. Thanks for choosing New Leaf Arboriculture and we look forward to hearing from you!