google guarantee program

Five Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service Contractor In The Google Guarantee Program

If you’re searching for a trusted tree service contractor in your area, you may have come across the Google Guarantee program. If so, you probably have a few questions.  At New Leaf Aboriculture, we value our presence within our community. We’re Destin’s expert tree service contractors, and we make tree services for residential and commercial properties accessible and stress-free.  In this blog, we cover everything potential customers need to know, from what being Google Guaranteed […]

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diy tree removal

Why It’s Not A Good Idea to DIY Tree Removal

You probably think doing your own tree removal is a good way to save money. However, you should realize that DIY tree removal can be dangerous. This article explores why you should not try to remove trees yourself. Instead, invest in a skilled tree removal service in Crestview, FL by New Leaf Arboriculture.  Lack of Proper Equipment Trying to remove a tree without proper tools or safety equipment can leave you with more problems. You […]

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tree growing zones

What Are Tree Growing Zones?

Tree planting can be challenging if you are unsure whether your plants will grow successfully. That’s why it’s wise to understand the United States Department of Agriculture’s tree growing zones. The USDA provides hardiness zone maps that show the annual minimum winter temperatures averaged over specified years. With this knowledge, you can have an easy time choosing and planting tree species that do well in your zone. However, if unsure how to choose suitable plants, […]

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