Tree Care

Do you have trees that need some extra care and attention? Do you have questions about what type of care you can provide them? There are a lot of factors when it comes to proper tree care. We have some tips that will help you understand how you can assist in your tree’s health and growth. After reading, you will be aware of the many the conditions and factors that contribute to the care of your trees so you can plan properly plan. New Leaf Arborists are always available to discuss your questions so feel free to contact us.

Planting With Tree Care In Mind

Tree care begins during planting and should last for the duration of the tree’s life. You will want to ensure that your tree is being planted in a good location and has proper stability. Proper planting of a tree makes all the difference when it comes to its long-term health and growth. If you plant a tree in unfavorable conditions, the tree may struggle to grow or need to be transplanted or removed at a later date. Proper planning and planting will allow the tree to thrive within its natural but new environment.

Seasonal Tree Care

Each season brings different needs for tree care and maintenance. Varying weather patterns can add stress to your trees so they will need more attention at certain times of the year, especially in seasons where high winds and heavy rain are common. Being aware of these cycles and scheduling regular services with a licensed arborist will provide you with more control over the health and growth of your trees.

Pruning, trimming, mulch, fertilizer, and irrigation are all examples of tree care that can change with the seasons. When you perform each task and how you perform them will have a big impact on the health and growth of your trees, for many years to come.

Each property and landscape are different, so it’s best to schedule a consultation with an arborist to discuss any details in your tree care planning. Let’s go over a few things you will consider when developing a tree care plan.

Pruning & Trimming

Pruning and trimming are essential elements of tree care because they ensure proper growth and stability. Proper trimming can help guide and control the growth of your trees and ensure that your trees are always in top health. Improper or inadequate trimming can damage trees and cause them to grow in unexpected ways. Adequate trimming will offer security against damage. It is always worth the investment to call an arborist for pruning and trimming services.

– Mulching

Mulch is good for much more than an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Mulching is also a big part of your tree care, as it helps retain warmth in the winter and aids in drainage control. Mulching may also require seasonal maintenance for optimal results. in your tree’s health and growth. Consult one of our arborists for more information.

– Fertilizing

The importance of proper fertilization can not be understated. Fertilizer doesn’t just promote new growth. It also protects trees from environmental factors such as improper water levels, disease, pests and more. Too much or too little fertilizer can leave a tree struggling to cope or vulnerable to these external forces. Fertilizer is another example of routine maintenance that should be handled on a season-to-season basis. Some times of the year also leaves the ground prone to molding. There are seasons in which fertilizers and irrigation control are most effective. Be sure to discuss this with one of our arborists.

– Irrigation Zones & Calibration

When planting seasonal flowerbeds or making other changes to your landscape, be sure to consider irrigation requirements. Making changes to accommodate new plants could adversely impact your trees. Planning your landscape and planting trees with irrigation requirements in mind will make zoning and calibration easier for you or your lawn care professional.

Growth Control & Correction

Regularly scheduled visits from an experienced arborist will help control the growth of a tree, optimal health and ensure you receive the desired effects of a tree. Correcting the growth of a tree takes time and dedication. Having a healthy landscape requires good tree care.

Neighboring Plants & Landscapes

Caring for neighboring plants is important. Neighboring plants can become entangled with lower hanging trees. Furthermore, plants that require a lot of water may affect the health of neighboring trees that need dryer conditions. Some plants may even impair the root systems of neighboring plants and trees. Keeping trees in mind when planning your landscape will help ensure a harmonious landscape.

Schedule Tree Care With A Certified Arborist

Now that you have some things to consider when planning your tree care, we want to remind you that hiring a licensed, insured arborist will always produce better results. Please call us for a consultation today. We will provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions about your tree care. This will help develop a long-term plan for optimal tree growth and care.

Although there are plenty of companies that offer tree services, not all tree services are provided by a trained arborist. Hiring a certified arborist will ensure you are getting the best and most accurate information about your trees. You wouldn’t hire a bus driver to fly a plane. Call New Leaf Arboriculture, a tree service that has the experience and credentials to help you with your tree care needs.