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Why Are Tree Leaves Turning Yellow in Summer?

There are several possible reasons behind your tree leaves turning yellow in summer. Since each cause has its corresponding solution, understanding the reason for your tree’s yellow leaves is essential to resolving the situation.

This post will go over some of the common causes of leaf yellowing while highlighting the solutions tree service experts in Fort Walton Beach can offer.

Why Your Tree Leaves Are Turning Yellow in Summer

Your tree’s summer leaf yellowing could result from biotic or abiotic factors.

Biotic Factors

The following are common examples of biotic factors that could lead to tree leaves turning yellow in summer.

Bacteria and Fungi

These organisms can reduce your tree’s water, nutrient, and photosynthesis levels, causing the leaves to wilt, turn yellow, or become stunted. For instance, verticillium wilt clogs the tree’s internal vascular system, preventing the transfer of minerals and water to leaves.

Ground-Dwelling Pests

Pests like gophers can damage the tree’s root system, reducing the water and mineral uptake, which results in nutrient deficiencies and leaf yellowing due to chlorosis.

Insect Damage

Caterpillars, spider mites, and aphids can extract leaf sap, cutting off water and nutrients. By doing so, they damage leaf tissue, causing yellowing.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic factors are external conditions and events that affect your tree, sometimes causing its green leaves to turn yellow. The following are a few examples of these abiotic factors.

Improper Irrigation

Too much or too little water can cause leaf yellowing. Watering the tree at the trunk misses its root zone and can create rot and yellowing problems.

Fortunately, there are several resources that can guide you on how to water your trees, how to tell if your trees need water, and the best time of day to water them.

Mineral Deficiency

If your soil has magnesium, iron, or nitrogen deficiency, it could cause your tree’s leaves to turn yellow as a response. Additionally, overwatering could worsen the situation since the water can leach the nutrients out of the soil.

High Temperatures

The high summer temperatures can cause heat stress, making it challenging for your trees to maintain their leaves’ energy needs. As a result, the leaves could turn yellow and even drop.

Too Much Shade

Excessive shade or a deficit in sunlight prevents your leaves from photosynthesizing enough to stay green. As such, sun-loving tree species will always struggle in the shade.

Herbicide Damage

If you use herbicides on your garden or lawn, herbicide drift can land on your leaves, damaging or killing them and causing them to turn yellow.

What to Do When You Notice Your Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

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