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Tree Removal Service In Northwest Florida

New Leaf Arboriculture offers Tree Removal Service for diseased and damaged trees. Ideally, we would like to catch the disease before the tree suffers a total loss but sometimes it is necessary to remove the tree. If you have an emergency like a downed tree, we offer Emergency Tree Removal. In this blog, we will discuss how to detect and spot disease in a tree and when it is time to call professionals for the treatment of a disease or tree removal. We'll also talk more about our Emergency Tree Removal Services.

Diseased Trees

Trees in optimal health can still be vulnerable to disease. A variety of diseases exists that harm trees. Some of these diseases can be treated while others will require removal of the tree and stump. It is vital that your tree care professionals are following ANSI standards when treating and removing trees.

Rust Fungus

Not all diseases result in tree removal and an example of one of these is Rust Fungus. Rust Fungus is pretty easy to spot because the leaves on the tree will have orange and yellowish rust looking spots. These spots are actually fungus clusters and can move from the leaves to the branches. This fungus can be controlled by properly maintaining your trees and having an arborist properly prune throughout the year.


Gall is a symptom of either bacterial or fungus caused by a number of insects and results in all parts of the tree swelling including the trunk. This can quickly take over your tree and cause extreme damage to its leaves, branches, trunk, and roots. It's a serious disease and requires a certified arborist to determine if tree removal is necessary or if treatment is possible.

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle that infects and can seriously compromise the health of the tree. This is becoming more common as it spreads from the midwest throughout the entire country. To spot this occurrence, the crown of the tree will look thin and appear as though it is dying. Unfortunately, the Emerald Ash Borer has destroyed millions of trees. There are treatments available in most cases but sometimes it will result in tree removal.

Emergency Tree Removal

Our emergency tree removal service is available when trees have been uprooted, broken or have fallen onto a power line, home or car. Following the most recent hurricane on the Gulf Coast, we extended our Emergency Tree Services to the entire Panama City area. It is not safe to remove your own trees and there are regulations that must be followed when tree removal is taking place. Instances like this are where a certified arborist is absolutely essential. New Leaf Arborists can remove the tree safely and we follow all ANSI standards.

Schedule Your Tree Removal Service

Proper inspection of your trees for wounds and cavities are important. Our arborists hope to catch all diseases in time for treatment. You never want to remove a tree unless absolutely necessary. Contact Us to schedule your Tree Inspection or Tree Removal Service.

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Tree Removal Service
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