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Our Favorite Local Northwest Florida Trees

In April, National Arbor Day takes place, and many people throughout the United States are planting new trees to promote a long and healthy future for the planet. In one of our most recent blogs, we examined the benefits of having trees on your property. Sometimes choosing a tree to plant can be difficult. We love our Northwest Florida Trees and want to share our list of favorites with you.

Local Northwest Florida Trees

Florida is known for its natural beauty and beautiful landscapes. From our Pines, Magnolias to our Palm Trees, our climate provides the perfect environment for trees to thrive and grow.

Southern Magnolia Trees

The Southern Magnolia comes in all shapes and sizes and can grow up to 90 feet high. These trees provide lots of shade and in the Spring and Summer months produce a beautiful flower. These flowers have a pleasant citrus scent. With proper pruning, these trees last for many years.

Queen Palm Trees

Florida is home to many different types of Palm Trees, but Queen Palms stand out from the others. Unlike other palms, these trees have smooth trunks. They can grow up to fifty feet and have full whispy foliage at the crown. In the Summertime Queen Palms produce a bright colored fruit. These majestic trees are known for their stature, but they do require some upkeep in the winter months and proper care throughout the year to continue to grow healthy.

Southern Live Oaks Trees

The Southern Live Oak is one of the larger trees we have in Northwest Florida. They are known for their wide girth, long branches and the amount of shade they provide. This tree can even raise the property value of your home by thousands of dollars.

Plan Your Tree Care

We love all trees, but our Local Northwest Florida Trees have special meaning to us. Some trees require extra attention and care. With all trees, proper inspection for weakened limbs, pests, and disease are vital to maintaining the health of your trees. Contact Us to plan your tree care with our Certified Arborist. We follow all safety requirements and regulations. Your trees are in good hands with us. Please follow and share us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest tree tips.

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