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Summer Tree Care In Northwest Florida

Life in Florida has many perks, and one of these is the warmer climate. However, in the grueling Summer heat, without proper care, your trees can become weak and dry. This can cause trees to become unhealthy or overridden by pests. It is essential to plan Summer Tree Care so that your trees remain healthy even during the hottest months of the year. Proper tree care ensures a healthy lifespan for your trees.

Caring For Your Trees

Following some general tips can help your trees live long and healthy lives. These include Fertilizing, Mulch, Irrigation, Seasonal Pruning, Pest Inspections, and Storm Prevention. Fertilizing your trees promotes leaf and branch growth. Mulching your trees will provide them a more controlled soil temperature as well as keep weeds and other growth from taking up space needed for root growth. Irrigation is especially important during the dry summer months. Trees need to be watered weekly and maybe more depending on the tree's age. Pruning trees in dormant months is standard but sometimes in the warmer months for safety reasons such as overgrown branches and limbs showing early signs of failure. Summertime is also breeding time for pests, so this is a good time for inspections for damage and disease caused by pests. Last but not least you want to ensure your trees are ready for any big storms. Storm prevention will not ensure against damage on a tree, but there are ways to secure the trees to keep them from becoming a hazard such as a cable or bracing.

Schedule Your Summer Tree Care

Taking these steps towards proper tree care in the summer months will get your trees ready for the storm season and colder seasons. Our Tree Care is by a Certified Arborist who makes safety his number one priority.  If you are ready to schedule your Summer Tree Care, please Contact Us. Please remember to like and share us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest Tree News and Tree Tips From Our Arborist.

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