Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service In Northwest Florida

New Leaf Arboriculture offers Tree Removal Service for diseased and damaged trees. Ideally, we would like to catch the disease before the tree suffers a total loss but sometimes it is necessary to remove the tree. If you have an emergency like a downed tree, we offer Emergency Tree Removal. In this blog, we will discuss how to detect and spot disease in a tree and when it is time to call professionals for the […]

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Planting Trees For Arbor Day Featured Image

Planting Trees For Arbor Day

John Denver sang “Plant a tree for your tomorrow, it’s your tree that clears the air”. His song really explains the significance trees hold in our world. Trees contribute to our lives in many ways but they filter the air we breathe. National Arbor Day is April 26th. Arbor Day is a national holiday that recognizes and celebrates the act of Planting Trees. In recognition of this holiday, we want to celebrate all the ways […]

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Benefits Of Pruning Trees In Winter Months Featured Image

Benefits Of Pruning Trees In Winter Months

Before discussing the “when” to prune trees it is just as important to ask the question “Why” we prune trees in the first place. Why would the largest and oldest living organisms on the planet need our assistance? Trees have been doing fine without human intervention for millions of years! We can start by understanding the difference in forest trees vs trees in an environment populated by humans. Forest trees grow much differently than trees […]

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Our Tree Appraisal Services Help Determine Your Tree’s Value

An old saying states that money does not grow on trees but did you know that trees can raise the property value of your home? Some of our local native trees increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. We want to tell you more about the Florida Native Trees that will not only add curb appeal to your home but more money for your investment. Well maintained healthy trees can increase your property value and […]

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Emergency Tree Removal And Hurricane Cleanup In Panama City Beach Featured Image

Emergency Tree Removal And Hurricane Cleanup

The staff at New Leaf Arboriculture hearts go out to all our neighbors to the East. There are many who were affected by Hurricane Michael. We are immediately extending our service areas. These areas include Panama City, Panama City Beach, Marianna and Chipley to help you with Hurricane Cleanup.  The certified arborists at New Leaf are here for you during the cleanup effort. Our Emergency Tree Removal And Hurricane Cleanup will help you start the cleanup […]

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Tree Services Available In Okaloosa County Featured Image

Tree Services Available In Okaloosa County

When you think of Tree Services, what is the first thing you think of? Probably cutting down trees? While this is, in fact, true there is so much more to the service of trees than just chopping them down. Our skilled team of certified professionals also help with planning when and where to plant your tree(s), maintenance and upkeep of trees, as well as every day, nurturing and care of your trees using organic solutions. We […]

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Preventative Winter Tree Care & Maintenance - Featured Image

Preventative Winter Tree Care & Maintenance

The cold months are right ahead of us and it’s time to consider some scheduled winter tree care and maintenance. Here are some things to consider as we approach the colder parts of the year. Information in this article can not only help the health of your trees and long-term beauty of your landscape but prevent other costly accident and expenses. The winter in Florida isn’t known for it’s cold, but to the trees that […]

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Southern Live Oak Tree-Fort Walton Beach Florida-06

Southern Live Oak Tree

The Southern Live Oak Tree or the Quercus Virginiana grow in various areas of our beautiful Fort Walton Beach Florida. It is considered an evergreen tree. This Oak Tree primarily grows in the Southeastern part of the United States and especially in lower coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico. It is very unusual to find this type of tree further than 300 miles of saltwater coastlines. They can also grow in a forest in […]

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New Leaf Arboriculture Arborist and Tree Service - Featured Image for Let New Leaf Arborists Remove Your Unhealthy Trees

Why Arborists Should Be Part Of Your Landscape Planning

An arborist’s job is much like that of a logger or forester. Unlike a logger, an arborist focuses on a tree’s health and safety rather than a whole forest. Arborists remove your trees safely when they pose a risk to your property, surrounding plants, and wildlife. Due to the imminent danger involved, removal of trees should never be done by someone inexperienced and uncertified. There are many factors that can affect the health of your trees. […]

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New Leaf Arboriculture Arborist and Tree Service - Featured Image for Happy New Year To All Of Our Friends On The Gulf Coast

Happy New Year To All Of Our Friends On The Gulf Coast

Did you know that winter is a great time to start thinking about your spring tree health? Before the hurricane season starts up here along the Gulf Coast, you want to make sure your trees remain in healthy condition and schedule tree service with an Arborist to perform preventative maintenance and reduce dangers to your property and home. As we move into Springtime, we can also help you with tree planting and placement. There are a […]

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