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Why Arborists Should Be Part Of Your Landscape Planning

An arborist’s job is much like that of a logger or forester. Unlike a logger, an arborist focuses on a tree’s health and safety rather than a whole forest. Arborists remove your trees safely when they pose a risk to your property, surrounding plants, and wildlife. Due to the imminent danger involved, removal of trees should never be done by someone inexperienced and uncertified.

Your Tree’s Health

There are many factors that can affect the health of your trees. The weather and the environmental elements can take a toll on your trees, especially during hard freezes. Pests such as wood boring beetles can also play a part in the detriment of your trees. There are types of vegetation and plants are invasive and can take over your tree and strangle its roots. We will discuss more and explain how these things play a part in our local tree population and what steps to take when your tree suffers an unfortunate fate.

Local Tree News

Here in Northwest Florida, we have started experiencing growth of the Chinese Tallow Tree also known as the popcorn plant. These plants are native to Asia. This tree grows and spreads at a rapid speed and will stifle the life of surrounding plants and trees. You can read Northwest Florida Daily News article Kelly Plantation Battles Non-Native Invasive Species and learn what those communities are doing about this problem.

Another problem we have locally are Black Twig Borer Beetles. These beetles dig tunnels in your tree and then add fungi that destroy the tree. Early warning signs include small dead branches that snap off the tree easily. Read the article about Small Branches Dying On Some Local Trees to learn more.

Call Your New Leaf Arborists Today

As you can see, there are so many reasons to call an Arborist, from safety to diagnosing and treatment. More importantly, including Arborists in your annual planning will keep you in the know about your landscape’s most pronounced features. Contact us today so we can help you safely remove these risks. We are now focusing on the Fort Walton Beach area and surrounding areas for our services. Our arborists are trained and certified to handle all of your arboriculture needs. We would love for you to share our blogs and posts.


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