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Washingtonia Palm Tree

Washingtonia Palm trees grow really well here in northwest Florida. The Washingtonia Robusta is native to northern Mexico, while Washingtonia Filifera is native to the southwestern United States. The climate and other conditions here in northwest Florida make it a suitable home for these palms, where they can grow and thrive, adding to the eclectic plant life here along the Emerald Coast. Good planning and proper planting could make this palm tree a highlight of your landscaping. This particular Palm tree grows really fast, really tall, and says "Tropical Paradise" in a BIG way.

Local Washingtonia Palm Trees

We went to our favorite place to see palm trees, Destin. Though all of northwest Florida is littered with palm trees, Destin has a large verity of palm trees, and Gulf Shore Dr has a lot of really well-kept palms. Although this location has a large variety of palm trees, this post is about a particular palm tree, and some of the places along Gulf Shore Dr have the perfect backdrop for this high profile tree.

Caring For Your Washingtonian Palms

One important factor for this palm tree is adequate irrigation. Though this palm comes from northern Mexico, it is not drought resistant, so inadequate watering could result in a very unhappy palm tree.  These trees also tend to tower over smaller structures, resulting in debris being dropped further from the base of this palm than smaller palm trees and making it visible further from your property.

The takeaway here is that this palm tree is a great addition to many landscapes but left uncared for it could become a towering hazard, as any large and unhealthy tree would be. Not to mention, an unkempt palm will look like an unkempt palm. Washingtonia Palms that are regularly cared for will thrive, look great, and become a great addition to your landscape.

This palm tree, however majestic, is susceptible to a wide range or diseases that can be fatal. An article by Timothy K. Broschat about the  Washingtonia Robusta covers a lot of issues related to the health and life of this palm tree. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss care, planning, planting, or removal of these palm trees, for residential and commercial clients. Call anytime to schedule an estimate or consultation for your project.

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