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Tree Services Available In Okaloosa County

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When you think of Tree Services, what is the first thing you think of? Probably cutting down trees? While this is, in fact, true there is so much more to the service of trees than just chopping them down. Our skilled team of certified professionals also help with planning when and where to plant your tree(s), maintenance and upkeep of trees, as well as every day, nurturing and care of your trees using organic solutions. We are also knowledgeable and up to date on Federal, State and local regulations regarding Trees. Our Certified Arborist and The Owner of New Leaf, Travis Morales is involved in our National tree regulations committee and also trains other Arborists to maintain these regulations.

Tree Planting

There is a lot to consider when planting a tree and especially several trees. Such as space for roots to grow. Making sure trees aren't planted too close to the foundation of the house or driveway. Also, the location of where to plant a tree is important, depending on mature tree size. Does it need more shade or is full sun okay for the tree? Placement consideration also depends on thinking ahead to the future. Furthermore, making sure the tree won't tower over and get tangled in utility lines or become hazardous to falling branches and debris on the rooftop of structures.

Tree Care

There are many factors in tree care as there is in tree planting. Tree services such as seasonal tree care are highly important. From cold weather months to the rainy season to the super hot summers. Various weather conditions can put stress on your trees. They will need more attention at certain times of the year. Being aware of these weather cycles and scheduling regular tree care service with one of our certified arborists will provide you with the ability to maintain a happy healthy tree all year round.

Tree And Branch Removal

Did you know that not all dead or diseased trees need to be removed? Let us help determine if the tree is salvageable before removal. First and foremost with tree removal, is always safety! Having a professional on-site will ensure no damage to any property or surrounding structures. Our experts are knowledgeable as to where underground pipes are such as gas lines or irrigation systems. As we mentioned previously, it is important to have a certified Arborist to assist you with your tree services. from planting to care and removal.

Schedule Your Tree Services

Proper tree removal also means proper disposal. each city, county, and state have different rules and regulations that we can discuss in your consultation, Call 850-603-1411 today or Contact Us by Email. Let us serve you! Please remember to Like Us On Facebook.

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