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Root And Soil Treatments For Trees

Are you noticing problems with your trees which may include weird spots on leaves or crown damage? It may be that they require Root and Soil Treatments. In some cases, it may be a disease or fungi, causing the issues. Sometimes when a tree is showing signs of deterioration, it is the soil or roots underneath the surface that is causing an issue. In our recent blogs, we discuss how a certified arborist is like a doctor for your trees and can diagnose and treat diseases and pest problems. In this blog series, we will talk more about soil and root issues that your tree may have and how your local arborist can help.

Having Root and Soil Problems?

It is crucial for a tree’s health that the soil around its roots is in good condition and contains the appropriate amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen. Your trees placement can also play a part in tree failure or deterioration. If your trees are showing signs of damage or disease, you will want to schedule a consultation with our certified arborist as soon as possible.


Our arborists will start out doing a visual inspection of the tree. Then if necessary, a soil test will be run. These tests will let the arborist know the number of nutrients the soil contains and will detect any deficiencies. Once our arborist has an idea of what your trees need, we can then treat the existing problem or add new healthy soil to help your trees thrive.


Trees need good soil, but they also need space for their roots to grow and spread correctly. Sometimes trees grow too close to driveways or concrete, and the root structure is poor. In these cases, compaction and drainage can be a problem. During your consultation, our arborist will determine the best method for treating your root issues if any are present.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Arborist

If you suspect that your trees may require Soil And Root Treatments, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with an Arborist right away. Catching problems when they start can save your tree’s life and spare you costs for tree removal later. If you are ready for your consultation, Contact Us today, Please like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest blogs and tree care tips.

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