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Pruning Palms Properly Ensures A Longer Lifespan

Pruning Palms is a job you want to leave to the professionals. In Paradise, we are all familiar with the Palm trees that line our favorite beaches and streets. In Northwest Florida, we have many species of palm trees. These can range from small to the very large Washingtonia. Some palms are self-cleaning while others require a little more tender loving care. Boot Pruning is part of the process of pruning palms. When you watch someone perform this task, you will see that it takes specialized training to ensure this is done safely and correctly without harming the palm. Please always choose safety when caring for your trees by hiring a certified arborist to handle all your tree care needs. We never recommend do it yourself tree care.

Pruning Palms With Boot Pruning

The most effective way to trim some types of palm trees is a method called Boot Pruning. This method begins with your feet, with the proper Boots, of course. Boot Pruning may seem like a lot of extra work, but to maintain the palm fronds and not cause damage, it is sometimes a necessary technique. One mistake many people make when trimming their Palms is they cut too much of the fronds and when they trim they damage the bark and exterior of the tree. Having a professional arborist handle your Palm Trimming needs will ensure that your Palms last year round.

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Pruning and trimming are just a couple of the services we offer at New Leaf Arboriculture. Our arborist is available to you for year-round tree services.  Take the pain out of guessing when and how to prune your beautiful palms. Contact Us to schedule your consultation with our Certified Arborist. Like us and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest Tree News.

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