Bark Beetle Treatments For Trees

Bark Beetle Treatments For Trees

The Bark Beetle can infect a tree and destroy it in as quickly as a month. Bark Beetle Treatments must be done as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of survival. Vital routine inspections need to be complete on trees throughout the year so that treatment will eradicate the pests at the first signs of infestation. The Bark Beetles reproduce in the inner bark of the tree. In forest settings, the bark beetle can help eliminate weak trees to make more space for healthier trees, but they do wreak havoc to trees and your property. Trees are susceptible to Bark Beetle damage usually already weakened by overcrowding, flooding, disease, and anything else that compromises a tree’s health.

Signs Of Bark Beetles

Bark Beetles infect quickly spreading disease from one tree to the next. Neighboring trees to a Bark Beetle infestation will need proper treatment as well. It may be difficult to spot the signs of Bark Beetles if you are not sure what the signs are. The symptoms include but are not limited to pitch tubes, boring dust, holes, and oozing of the tree. There are many different species of Bark Beetles in the state of Florida. Your arborist (tree doctor) is here to assist you in the diagnosis and treatment of these and other types of pests.

Diagnosis and Bark Beetle Treatments

Hiring a certified arborist can help save your trees from pest infestation. In some cases, it may be too late to save the tree, and in those extreme infestations, we offer tree removal services. Contact Us to schedule a consultation with our arborist or to receive an estimate for our tree services. We would love to connect with you on Facebook. If you have an immediate need for Bark Beetle Treatments, please call or text 850-603-1411.

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