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Tree Removal & Cleanup Service

Tropical Storm Cindy is causing quite a bit of damage along the Northwest Florida coast. New Leaf Arboriculture is here to help with tree services provided by our trained arborists. We also want to share some information that can help you after a storm. Here are some tips and resources to help with a hurricane and tropical storm preparedness.

Storm Cleanup & Tree Removal

We are here to help you get your landscape back in order. If you have downed trees from Tropical Storm Cindy, contact us now for help. We take care of downed, uprooted or damaged trees, and provide consultation so you can be prepared for future storms.

Health & Hazard Assessments

Schedule a consultation with our certified arborists to identify hazards before storms hit so you can minimize potential safety hazards and damage to property. These assessments will also help identify trees that can be strengthened through better care.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take the time to have a conversation with one of our arborists. Prevent unnecessary damage to your property when storms strike. Call us at 850-603-1411 to schedule an assessment.

Personal Safety After The Storm

Be aware of downed power lines at all times. Do not walk in the water around downed power lines, and don't attempt to remove any trees that have become entangled in power lines until power company crews arrive and resolve any safety issues.

Trees are incredibly heavy and this can present dangers. Improperly cutting a tree for removal can cause further damage to structures and property, or even cause great bodily injury. Tree and limb removal can be dangerous work so we recommend calling our trained arborists.

Hurricane Information

The Official website of the Department of Homeland Security provides a list of tips for storm preparedness and useful resources after a hurricane occurs at Be sure to bookmark the link so you're ready for this hurricane season.

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