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Our Tree Care Services, Your Happy Trees

Bob Ross is famous for painting Happy Trees, but did you know that a healthy tree is a Happy Tree? We want to share some tips and tricks that you can do at home between visits from your Arborist.  Our Routine Tree Care Services will keep your trees in optimal health and looking good.

Happy Trees Live Longer

Indeed, happy people live longer, and the same is true for your trees. You don't need much to make your trees happy. We are more comfortable when our health is well, and that is true for trees as well. We believe trees are a living species that help our environment in so many ways. We want to make sure we keep them as healthy as possible. With routine inspections for pests and diseases and proper pruning, your trees can be healthy and live a long life. Our Arborist will help you set up a systematic plan that is right for your specific types of trees.

Trees need your care and attention. We suggest that in between Arborist visits you do visual inspections of your trees. Look for discoloration on the leaves. One telltale sign of disease and infestation is spotting on the leaves. Look for unusual spores on the tree; some spores are harmless while others can be deadly for the tree. Treatment is possible for many pest infestations and disease, so having our Arborist visit at the first sign of illness or weakness is ideal.

Arborist Tree Care Services

Travis at New Leaf Arboriculture is a dedicated professional who puts safety at the forefront of every job he performs. He is your Tree Care doctor whenever your trees are showing signs of weakness or need crown pruning. New Leaf Arboriculture is your go-to Tree Care professionals. If you are ready to schedule an estimate or consultation, please Contact Us. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest blogs.

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