tree trimming

5 Signs You Need To Hire a Tree Trimming Service

tree trimming

As someone who cares about their yard and keeps it nice, neat, and pretty, you know that trees can be a powerful ally. You also know that trees can also be a burden.

Sometimes, the trees in your yard just need to be trimmed and all will be solved. What you need to know is when to trim your trees. Here are 5 signs that you need to hire a tree trimming service.

1. Fallen Debris

It’s completely normal for branches to fall off of trees, but if there are a handful of branches on your property a little too often, you may be dealing with some dead branches.

These can litter your property and really decrease your curb appeal. A professional tree trimming service can take care of those easily and in no time at all.

Your property will be neat and clean. And you’ll avoid any potential branch-related injuries.

2. How Is Your Tree?

Inspecting your trees now and again isn’t such a bad idea. Trees can actually get sick and catch diseases. One way to see if your tree is sick is to look for some dead branches or breaks in the tree. If it looks worse on the inside than it does on the outside, it's likely sick.

It’s important to find this sooner rather than later as the disease could spread throughout the tree and even to other trees. It can be difficult to determine if your tree is sick so it may be a good idea to have a professional come check your trees.

3. Among Giants

If you have an older property with some much older trees, they may be massive. In some cases, they could be so large that they are a nuisance. They may obstruct your property or they may be dangerously large and need trimming or removal.

4. Where Goes the Sun?

You may be in a situation where your trees are blocking out the sunlight. This can be a detriment, especially if you have other plants that need sunlight to grow and survive.

Hiring a tree trimming service would let in more sunlight, bathing your property in gold.

5. Dangerous

Sometimes, a tree is just too dangerous where it is to be left unchecked. Whether it be branches hanging dangerously low or storm damage that left your trees on their last branch, if there is damage, it needs to be fixed.

For most things, tree trimming should do the job. But if the damage is more severe, your tree care professional will provide you with possible or necessary solutions.

Tree Trimming Service When You Need It

Trees look gorgeous and are a fantastic addition to your property, but sometimes they need to be steered in the right direction. Now you know the signs for when you need to make the call.

We here at New Leaf Arboriculture are your one-stop for all tree care-related services. From pruning to tree trimming, give us a shout so we can help you out.

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