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Preventative Winter Tree Care & Maintenance

The cold months are right ahead of us and it's time to consider some scheduled winter tree care and maintenance. Here are some things to consider as we approach the colder parts of the year. Information in this article can not only help the health of your trees and long-term beauty of your landscape but prevent other costly accident and expenses.


The winter in Florida isn't known for it's cold, but to the trees that live here, that may be of little comfort. Cold ground and soil can damage and weaken trees. Ensuring good levels of mulch and protecting your trees with blankets or other techniques can help keep your trees in good health through the winter.

We don't suggest fertilizer this time of year unless absolutely necessary because the moderate temperatures can facilitate the growth of fungus when your trees are the most susceptible to them.

Irrigation Concerns

Be sure to calibrate your irrigation system for the season to prevent ice from damaging root systems and layering your trees with water that will then turn to ice. It might look like a winter wonderland but it might also damage your trees beyond repair. Consult with your Arborists about best practices for winter time irrigation.

Hazards Of Freezing

Freezing can lead to more than just unhealthy root systems and trees. It can lead to damaged cars, structures, and even personal injury. Frozen and iced tree limbs are heavy and brittle, leaving them prone to breaking and falling. The weight and distance of falling limbs make them especially hazardous, so consult your Arborist about how to prevent and manage situations that may cause freezing and icing of tree limbs.

Schedule A Consultation For Your Winter Tree Care

Call us today at 850-603-1411 to schedule your winter tree care consultation. Let us help you keep your trees in great health this winter and ready for the next growth season. You can learn more about our consultation service by going to our Consultation With An Arborist page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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