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Winter Preparedness & Your Trees

Are you thinking ahead about the health of your trees? This is the time of year to prune trees. Some types of trees can become brittle or weakened by the cold. This can eliminate falling branches or other hazards. Nobody wants to wake up with a tree limb on their house, or your car. Not to mention the hazard of a branch falling on a family member this holiday season.

Some trees require extra care over the cold months to ensure they live long and healthy lives. If you have recently purchased your home and aren't familiar with all of the greenery on your property, call us. We can schedule a consultation to help you get familiar with your trees and what you can expect from your existing landscape design.

Professional Care For Your Trees

Scheduling a consultation with a trained Arborist is the safest way to ensure safety this winter for your home, friends, and family. A professional Arborist can assess the overall health of your trees, as well as make recommendations about trimming, fungus, mold, and other forms of damage that need attention. This is not something you want to leave to a basic lawn service. Most lawn services don't have the necessary equipment or experience to diagnose or manage larger trees.

Training and certification matters. Before hiring for this important job, check the credentials of each company. Be sure they have insurance, education, certification, and experience. This is not the kind of work you want to hand over to the lowest bidder. What you save on a service like this could cost you dearly down the road so select your Arborist carefully.

Contact A Professional Arborist

New Leaf Arboriculture provides customers with professionalism and experience when it comes to caring for your trees. We are your local experts, servicing Northwest Florida and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure beautiful, safe, and healthy trees don't become a problem this winter. We are always happy to take your call and we look forward to hearing from you.

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